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Bee Huff Bio

Beau Hufford, also known as BEE HUFF is a San Diego based designer whose work has been featured in numerous galleries and exhibitions.  With a degree in Photography and Design, Bee tackles his work with an attention to detail and an exhausting excitement for color and composition.  He has designed countless logo designs and intellectual properties including the Devilicious Food Truck, Jankytown, ParkerPalooza and the comic In Space.  He is an award winning cartoonist and writer as well as a seasoned fashion and photojournalistic photographer.  He is the author and illustrator of three art and entertainment books and has curated countless art conventions and gallery exhibitions across the country such as the Moto de Mayo fashion show, Eye Heart Vespa gallery show, Cripple Con and the California Cartoon and Caricature Convention.  His work blends his sense of humor, obsession for design and cartoonish sensibilities with street art and photography to place him comfortably into the low-brow/high design art movement.

After15 years of experience in a managerial position at the world’s largest caricature company, he helped establish and is the chief operating officer for Launch Live Art.  Beau is also responsible for many community outreach programs including the NBC partnered Monarch School for the Homeless Mural at Horton Plaza.  He currently holds a position on the Prismacolor Advisory Council helping them develop new products and packaging.

As a caricature artist, Bee has traveled the world training young artists to grasp their talents and offer them confidence, growth and guidance in art.  He has had the pleasure of training hundreds of artists in several countries including Canada, Japan, Italy and the US.

In his most recent project, he designed, renovated and created the Blok Creative Community which will host major art events, offer art classes of all sizes and houses over 20 individual artist studio spaces allowing a whole new generation of artists to have a space to create within.